Branderson Homes

On-Site Home Building

Example plans for Quality Homes, built on your site in Cambridge.

Here are a few of our tried and tested home plans, built by our master builders, on your section in Cambridge. These can be a starting point for design, or the finished product.

Andrewclose - 175sqm

Argyll - 194sqm

Barrot - 248sqm

Coleridge - 172sqm

Donegal - 129sqm

Gera - 184sqm

Islington - 169.8sqm

Matipo - 184sqm

Newell - 252sqm

Nikolas - 264sqm

Riverside - 246sqm

Robinson - 245sqm

Slone - 215sqm

Sutherland - 146sqm

Winchester - 240sqm

Woodlane - 182sqm

Wynard - 167sqm

On-Site Building Features

Features of our Quality Homes

Branderson Quality Homes, built on site come complete with:

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